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Whole Body Nutrition

We provide diet-free and culturally inclusive nutrition coaching and consulting for individuals, gyms, and brands. Optimizing health one body at a time!

Active And Athletes

We help pro athletes, and active women of color sustainably fuel their bodies and lifestyles using inclusive nutrition coaching.

For active women of color

Nutrition-focused wellness club that helps active women of color find true wellness and food freedom and balance, through gentle nutrition coaching, body positivity, sisterhood, accessibility, and accountability. Serving women in Houston and Dallas, Texas and beyond.

for professional athletes

We work with professional athletes to increase their power, improve their stamina, reduce their recovery time, and perform better overall through individualized and inclusive nutrition coaching.

Brand & Media Partnerships

We love partnering! We work with media and brands through consulting, social media campaigns, and sponsored events, to share the good news about nutrition in an inclusive and diet-free way. 

The GNAW Collective

We help active women of color to balance their busy lifestyle, love for good food, and passion for health. With The GNAW Collective, you’ll find wellness, body confidence, and develop sustainable and culture-friendly nutrition habits that stick.

Check out the Biscuits & Gravy in the Morning podcast

We share actionable, diet-free nutrition and lifestyle tips for active women of color who want to enjoy balance in the gym, on the plate, and in life!

Power Portions

We help professional athletes improve their energy, get a competitive edge, and make the most of their career or training through individualized and inclusive nutrition coaching.

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for You

Looking for some tips? Check out our blog, where we share tips on lifestyle, wellness, and performance to help you get started and stay inspired.

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