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Our philosophies

Our Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our mission is to empower performance athletes and women of color to improve performance by reducing stress, improving self-confidence, and inciting behavior change. We effect this change through specialized lab testing, ethical nutrition coaching, and respect for cultural values.

Our company exists so that athletes and active women of color can use food to function at their most optimal levels.

  • Integrity 
  • Loyalty
  • Unmatched effort 
  • Consistency
  • Respect
  • Family

Our Team

Co-Owner, Lead Dietitian


Briana Butler is the Co-Owner of Stef & Bri Wellness, lead dietitian and nutrition programmer for our sister brands Power Portions® & The GNAW Collective.

CEO, Co-Owner


Stefanie Gilbreath is the Co-Owner of Stef & Bri Wellness, head of marketing and philanthropy for our sister-brands Power Portions® & The GNAW Collective.

nutrition admin


KeyVion Miller is the nutrition admin for our sister brands Power Portions® & The GNAW Collective.

Community manager


Alana McKinney is the community manager for our sister-brands Power Portions® & The GNAW Collective.

The Lifestyle Queen

Trustworthy, Trailblazer, teammate

Heeey!! I’m Stefanie, a Texas native, retired professional basketball player, and CEO of Power Portions and The GNAW Collective. 

I have intimate experience lacing up my sneakers and navigating the challenges you face today; uncovering the right way to fuel your performance in a way that feels doable, finding sisterhood in a community of color that understands our unique, but very real challenges, and evaluating who is offering nutrition recommendations, menu plans and supplement recommendations you can trust. As a woman who struggled with conflicted opinions about my body image and fluctuating weight, I can vulnerably share that it’s taken me a while to find my way in the world of nutrition. But these days?  I’ve finally reached the perfect balance of merging my love of sports with a passion for helping others find their own personal fitness and nutrition solutions.

I’m a strong advocate for having a balanced life and taking accountability for your personal actions. That’s why you will often hear me talk about self-care, getting organized, and taking the necessary…

steps to make sure you do what is best for your long-term personal health and happiness. 

Outside of work (because we DO believe in balance and walking the walk), you’ll find me volunteering, hanging out with my family and friends, shooting some type of content, shopping for my next pair of sneakers (you can’t have too many, right?) and loving on my niece and nephew. 

A true Texas girl

Passionate, driven, professional

Hey ya’ll! I’m Bri! Registered dietitian and co-founder of Power Portions and The GNAW Collective. I am a registered dietitian by training, but my love for good food dates back to childhood; my mouth waters when I think about my granny putting a hot southern meal on the table every day.

As the lead dietitian, I am passionate about helping pro athletes, and active women of color across the country feel their best and enjoy food while doing it. I’m here to change your assumption that you have to choose eating your cultural foods OR fueling your best practices and performance; I promise you can do both.

But, as much as I love what I do, what holds my heart is my FAMILY and my faith! I’m a wife and mommy of two kiddos, and I truly believe my purpose on this earth is to serve and enjoy some Blue Bell ice cream and a good book while doing so!

Insurance Information

Yes, We Accept Insurance

The majority of insurance plans cover our dietitian-led virtual nutrition consultations. Most clients pay $0 out of pocket when using insurance!

If your insurance isn’t listed, you could still work with us via our self-pay sessions or memberships! We also accept HSA/FSA and can provide superbills for potential reimbursement upon request!


Bri's Professional Bio

Briana Butler is a registered dietitian nutritionist and former professional athlete and is the Co-owner and lead dietitian of Stef & Bri wellness and sister brands Power Portions and The GNAW Collective. In her position, Briana advocates for creating culturally inclusive wellness spaces for active women of color, improving cultural inclusivity in performance nutrition, and comprehensively supporting professional athletes. 

 Briana holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Performance from the University of Southern California and a master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. The latter of which she received after playing in the WNBA and overseas for three years. 

 Since switching careers, Briana has worked with wellness clients and collegiate and professional athletes across the country through her private practice and other world-renowned brands such as NBA G-League, Southern Methodist University, EXOS, Gatorade Sports Science Institute, and the Dallas Cowboys. In addition, Briana has worked as a national media spokesperson for GotMilk, has delivered food and nutrition TV segments nationwide for brands such as POM Wonderful, Newman’s Own, and Nestlé, and regularly serves as a keynote speaker for sports programs, youth athletes, and companies. 

 Above all, Briana finds purpose and joy in being a wife to her husband, Brice, and a full-time mom to her two kids! Briana is a Houston, Texas native and currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

  • B.S. in Human Performance from the University of Southern California
  • M.S. in Clinical Nutrition from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center
  • Pro-athlete for the WNBA abroad
  • 7+ years of performance and wellness nutrition experience 
  • Brand consultant & Media nutrition expert

Stef's Professional Bio

Stefanie Gilbreath is a serial entrepreneur, content creator, former professional athlete and the co-owner and CEO of Stef & Bri Wellness and sister brands Power Portions and The GNAW Collective. In her position, Stefanie advocates living an active and well-balanced life, giving back to your community and staying attentive to societal trends.

Stefanie is a University of Southern California graduate with a degree in human performance, having played women’s college basketball at both USC and New Mexico State University. She went on to play professional basketball for two years in Portugal and Germany. After spending her offseasons in advertising at Gilbreath Communications Inc., Stefanie took on a full-time position as director of social media marketing and accounting at Gilbreath. She then developed a division for Gilbreath specifically for social media management and marketing. In pursuit of another passion, Stefanie teamed up with her sister, Briana, to launch Power Portions — now called Stef & Bri Wellness. With her experience in business, accounting and athletics, Stefanie brings a resourceful and multi-faceted dynamic to all her professional endeavors.

She has maintained a dedication to community service dating back to her college years, having been a volunteer for organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica (as a nutrition leader), Sports Buddies (Jewish Boys and Girls Club of Glendale), Elementary School Girls Basketball Camps in Lousada, Portugal, Feeding America, Save the Children, Target Hunger and Ascent Humanity Outreach, among many others.

  • B.A. Human Performance from the University of Southern California
  • Former Pro Athlete 
  • Serial Entrepreneur 
  • 10+ years of content creation and blogging

keyvion's Professional Bio

KeyVion Miller is a Registered Dietitian with a Culinary Nutrition Certification. She enjoys helping people use simple strategies to maximize healthy eating habits. Her specialties include prenatal nutrition, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes management and general wellness. She is the creator and recipe developer behind The Miller’s Kitchen. KeyVion works with various brands producing nutrition articles and on recipe testing/development. KeyVion and her husband have two boys. She hopes one day to also have a girl. KeyVion’s great grandparents were from the Bahamas – pigeon peas ‘n rice is one of her favorite dishes!



Bachelor of Health Sciences, University of Central Florida

Bachelor of Dietetics and Nutrition, Keiser University, Lakeland, FL

Current CDR and Florida License



Culinary Nutrition Certification, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Alana's Professional Bio

I am a seasoned copywriter and social media manager, dedicated to crafting compelling content by day and an enthusiastic content creator throughout my life’s journey. My roots trace back to Metro Atlanta, where I pursued my education at Spelman College, a distinguished institution.

My passion for the written word and creative expression led me to embark on a career in content creation. I began as a lifestyle and advice blogger in 2017, and two years later, serendipity introduced me to the world of gastronomy, igniting my passion for food exploration.

With a background deeply influenced by Metro Atlanta and Spelman College, I bring a rich tapestry of cultural and intellectual experiences to my content creation. I excel in distilling complex ideas into clear, persuasive language as a copywriter, and my social media management expertise ensures that content reaches and engages the right audiences. My mission is to continue pushing the boundaries of content creation and storytelling in the dynamic digital landscape of the 21st century.