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Diet Damage: The Mental And Physical Symptoms With Elisa Beagle

May 18, 2023

Diet Damage: The Mental And Physical Symptoms With Elisa Beagle (Season 2, Episode 13)

Join us in this episode as we chat with special guest Elisa Beagle, a Licensed Psychotherapist based out of Houston, Texas, about diet damage, why a shift is essential, the physical and mental symptoms of diet damage, and solutions for change.

Key Topics:

Topic #1: What is diet damage?

Topic #2: Why is a diet paradigm shift necessary?

Topic #3: What are the mental and physical symptoms of diet damage?

Topic #4: What are some solutions for change?

Guest Bio:

Elisa Beagle is a passionate licensed Psychotherapist with over 10 years of experience in the mental health field. She sees therapy as a life-changing resource that provides the necessary tools which aids in self-discovery and self-care within an unbiased, judgment-free space. Her clients receive clarity and coping skills to speak and grow freely regarding their life’s experiences. Off the clock she lives a full life indulging in the things that matters most to her like caring for family, being a loving dog mom and a devoted friend to many. As a retired pro-basketball player you’ll find her in the gym a few times a week as well as being active in all the ways that brings her joy.

List of resources and suggested materials:

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Find Elisa online at beyondlivingwellness.com and on Instagram @ebeagle32

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