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5 Lab Tests Every Active Woman Of Color Should Ask For And Why

April 28, 2023

5 Lab Tests Every Active Woman Of Color Should Ask For And Why (Season 2, Episode 12)

Join us in this episode to discover how lab tests can provide critical information to help you stay informed about your health and empower you to start your journey on a level playing field as a woman of color. We’ll delve into the unique health challenges faced by women of color and highlight the lab tests every sis should consider. Lastly, we’ll provide insights on how we’re helping you navigate this complex issue and advocate for your health through The GNAW Collective!

Key Topics:

Topic #1: Why should we be requesting labs?

Topic #2: What labs should we be asking for and why?

Topic #3: How can we get labs if we can’t get them through our primary care physician?

List of resources and suggested materials:

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