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Basketball Fueling Decision Maker

It’s WNBA Draft Day!

It is truly an honor to hear your name called to be among the best in the world after your countless hours of preparation. You are the 1%, a dream fulfilled, a reward!

But the hard work doesn’t stop there. The W is a league where the women are faster, stronger, more skilled, smarter and more creative than anything you will have EVER seen. Are you doing what’s necessary to keep up? Are you fueling your body correctly?

Maybe you have aspirations of going pro. Did you know that nutrition can significantly impact your performance? Our Registered Dietitian talks about this and more in her podcast with fellowUSC Alumnithe Basketball Doctors. The tips shes gives apply to ANY 🏀 hooper, of ANY gender, at ANY level! Listen to the podcast and download the Fueling Decision Maker – Basketball Edition FREE below.#PowerPortions

Cheers to the 36, this is just the beginning!

Postcast Here

Free Fueling Decision Maker

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