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Common Client Confusion: “I Feel Like I’m Eating ‘Good,’ But The Cravings Are So Strong.”

April 6, 2023

Common client confusion: “I feel like I’m eating ‘good,’ but the cravings are so strong” (Season 2, Episode 10)

If we got a dollar for every time the cravings topic came up surrounding cravings, we would be…well, you know the rest! But you can stop holding your breath because today, we are talking about all things cravings! So grab your coffee and a friend and tune in while we’ll explain cravings, how to pinpoint the source, and how to navigate them!

Key Topics :

Topic #1: What are cravings anyway? Are they bad?

Topic #2: Where cravings can come from and how to pinpoint the source.

Topic #3: What can you do about cravings when they hit hard?

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